In SessionBridge City Counseling Offices is a caring community of mental health professionals who have come together in one space to offer a holistic and comprehensive service to individuals and families in Portland, Oregon.  Here are a few of the things that you will find at our office:

  • someone who your teen feels comfortable and safe talking to about what is really bothering her.

  • someone who can use play and art with your young child to help them find relief from their worries, heal from what happened, or finally get their anger under control.

  • someone who can help you and your partner work through the persistent issue that is driving you apart.

  • someone who can come alongside you and help you finally experiencing some breakthroughs in connecting with your kids, understanding them and their needs better, and working together with them to help them change problem behaviors they have been stuck in.

  • someone who will sit, listen and give you the care, safety, and support you need to talk, heal, and grow.

  • someone who will team up with you to fight your depression or anxiety.

  • someone you can talk to about sex, sexuality and the questions and problems that keep coming up for you.

  • someone to talk to about faith and spirituality as you look for answers regarding what you believe and how your spiritual life fits together with the other aspects of your life and identity.

  • a therapy group where you can sit down with other people in similar situations and be known, supported, and challenged.

  • someone who will help your family make the changes it has needed to make, but hasn’t known how to.

Visit the Therapist page to meet the mental health professionals at Bridge City Counseling and to get a glimpse of who we are and specialized types of therapy each of us provide.