Art Gallery

Bridge City waiting room and galleryBridge City Counseling Offices’ waiting area is set up as a small gallery and is graced with the work of local Northwest artists.  This both provides local artist with a space to display their creations and allows those who come into our office to experience some of the beauty and depth of art that has been created right here in our city and region.




Daniel ionashkuCurrent Artist:  Daniel Ionashku

“I am a first generation immigrant from Ukraine raised in the Pacific Northwest.  As a child, I was fascinated with exploring new places and capturing my experiences.  Being the youngest of 7 kids raised by a single mom in a low income household, I was taught to cherish moments over possessions (read: we were poor).  My joy came from the memories made with friends and the curious places we would find rather than the things money could buy us.  My first summer working, I saved up some money and quickly spent it on a camera that I used to capture everything.  In school, I was the guy walking around with a camera while everyone else walked around with their flip phones.

Photography was my enabler – my escape from the out-of-reach materialistic desire and into a world of beauty and depth.  It was, and it continues to be my motivation to see the world.”

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